Hip Mobility for Faster Sprinting

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The ability to outrun the competition is a key component of most sports.  The components of speed are many: how much force we can impart onto the ground, how quickly we can develop force, sprinting mechanics, and more.  One often neglected component of sprinting is mobility. Optimal mobility is key to both increasing power output and decreasing injury rates in athletes. 

In short, power equals how much force we can produce over a distance in the least amount of time possible.  Optimal mobility is key to improving that distance and thus improving power output while sprinting.  For example, increasing an athlete’s hip extension mobility may increase his/her stride length leading to increased speed.

Poor mobility also causes a breakdown in optimal running mechanics which can lead to compensations in form increasing risk for injury.  The mechanics of sprinting requires a great deal more mobility than walking and jogging especially in the hips.  For many athletes, especially those who may be sitting at a desk for 8 hours per day, this poses a problem. At the hip, a lack of extension typically causes and athlete to anteriorly tilt his/her pelvis and arch their back more often times leading to lower back pain.

Below is a mobility exercise than can be used to improve hip extension mobility with the goal of improving speed and time off due to injury.  This exercise can be performed as part of a dynamic warm up with 3-5 second holds or as a static stretch, holding for 30 seconds or more, after training. 

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