One Minute Posture Fix | Postural Strengthening Exercise

by - 10:37 PM

I admit it.  I have had a lifetime battle with poor posture.  At times, this has resulted in shoulder pain, headaches, and pretty sloppy yearbook photos.  Spending a lot of time reading, grading, lesson planning, and probably too much time on social media all continue to make this problem worse.

If you suffer from chronic poor posture, it is going to take a multi-faceted approach to make having good posture your default.  This may include: proper set up of your workstation, setting reminders in your phone or on sticky notes to straighten up or move, and possibly even limited your time on computers and your phone.  One habit that has helped me greatly is taking 1 minute breaks every 20 minutes to "reset" my position.  

To put it very simply, with chronic poor posture, the structures in the front get tight and overactive and the structures in the back become weak and inhibited.  The video below outlines one of my favorite 1 minute postural fix exercises.

If chronic poor posture is limiting how well you move and perform, contact me via the contact tab above to discuss how I can help you return to the things you enjoy!

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