Annual Physical Therapy Exam

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Don't let the small things become big things!

I have spent the week with over 40 patients helping to restore function and decrease pain after being injured.  Neck pain, back pain, post-stroke, shoulder pain, knee pain, chronic widespread pain, and more. I love helping patients get out of pain and return to doing the things they love and need to do.  It is so rewarding. However, I can’t help but think for the large majority of these patients, an assessment a year ago may have prevented them from "breaking down" and needing weeks and in some cases months of rehabilitation, time off work, and unable to enjoy the activities they typically enjoy.  Truth is, musculoskeletal conditions are the number one reason people visit their physicians and are out of work.

As a movement professional, I feel partially responsible.  It is our job to educate the population on injury prevention and how to move better.  I am writing today in regards to what I think is a unique opportunity to do just that.  

The annual Physical Therapy exam is a way to assess your overall physical health and determine areas for improvement.  Just like a vehicle inspection can let you know the health of your vehicle preventing a major mechanical issue or a wreck, an annual Physical Therapy exam can determine areas of dysfunction that may lead to an injury.

A typical examination will include strength and mobility testing, a postural assessment, a neurological screen, a test of aerobic capacity, and a functional movement screen.  This “inspection” can greatly help in reducing your chances of your body leaving you stranded. The goal is to prevent the smaller issues from becoming BIG issues down the road!

If you are interested in reducing your chances for injury and improving your performance reach out to me via the contact link above to schedule your annual Physical Therapy exam!

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