Plantar fasciopathy | Active Release Technique

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Stabbing pain in the bottom of your foot near your heel, typically early in the morning? Unable stand for long periods of time (don't even mention running)? These are text-book signs of plantar fasciopathy. 

What it is?
Plantar fasciopathy is a blanket term used to describe a long term overuse problem of the plantar fascia that causes heel pain. Plantar fasciopathy includes the two phases of damage which are the inflammatory phase (plantar fasciitis) and the non inflammatory phase (plantar fasciopathy).

What causes it?
This overuse problem of the plantar fascia can come from many sources. Some common examples are: poor dorsiflexion mobility (see this article for tips), weak intrinsic foot musculature, a flattened arch, over-pronation, occupations that keep you on your feet, and running further than your feet are ready for without allowing for time to recover.

What can I do about it?
In addition to working on larger corrections in your mobility, strength, biomechanics, it is important to address locally the fascia and layers of muscles deep to the fascia. Below is a video outlining an active release technique for the plantar fascia.

If decreased foot pain is limiting how well you move and perform, contact me via the contact tab above to discuss how I can help you return to the things you enjoy!

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