Hip Thrust: The Best Exercise You're Not Doing

by - 2:58 PM

If you want to improve your athletic ability...start training your glutes. 

If you would like to decrease back or knee pain...start training your glutes. 

If you would like to be more attractive to the opposite sex...start training your glutes.

Studies have shown the hip thrust is the king of all exercises when it comes to activating the upper and lower portions of the glutes. 

Here are 2 variations of the hip thrust that will transform your backside:

Barbell Hip Thrust

Single Leg Hip Thrust

  • Can be performed with in a neutral spine or with a slight posterior tilt of the pelvis. 
  • Avoid arching your back. 
  • Drive through your heels as you lift the weight. 
  • Avoid coming up on your toes.

For more information on exercise technique or tips on how to look, move, feel, or perform better contact me at jswilliams0659@gmail.com.

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