How to Build Your Home Gym

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It is no doubt that training and getting in shape can seem as though it is a chore sometimes. However, for many isn't really the training itself that people is the difficult part.  Sure there are some people who truly hate to exercise. But for most people, the worst part about training is all that comes a long with it: finding time to workout, finding childcare, the long commute to the gym (and back home), crowds of people, tons of equipment you don't use, the pressure of others looking at you, where will you shower and fix your hair.  Not to mention the cost associated with these discomforts.

The solution...A Home/Garage GYM!

The simplicity and efficiency of a home/garage gym can get/keep you fit even with the busiest of schedules.

The size and cost may vary depending on your goals and how much you can spend.  With the help of craigslist, play it again sports and some DIY projects, you can have a world class facility right in your own home for as little as $500. 

Here is a list of my garage/home gym essentials:

For flooring, I used two 4x6 foot horse stall mats from Tractor Supply and they work great!

The entire gym only takes up 6 feet by 8 feet of floor space.

Here are a few pics of my recently renovated garage gym.

Good luck on your garage gym! 

For more information creating a gym at home or tips on how to look, move, feel, or perform better contact me at

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