Front Squat Hack: How to Modify Front Squat

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The benefits of the front squat are many: improved mobility, improved core strength, less torque on the back than back squats, and improved quad muscle mass to, name a few. For many, however, this lift has one major drawback - it requires lots of mobility (ankles, hips, thoracic spine, shoulders, and especially in the wrists).  

Last summer, I sprained my wrist playing church softball (go hard or go home).  This left me with both pain and decreased mobility for a while causing me to have to modify some of my lifts.  Though my wrist has healed, one of these modifications has stuck with me and I use it often because it allows me to load the front squat with better technique.

The secret: paracord

The traditional clean grip used to hold the bar in a front squat can be limited by wrist and shoulder mobility. If you can't get into a good position with the traditional clean grip and are not a fan of the crossed grip (I am not) try out this simple modification can help keep you under the bar with good hip and thoracic spine position. I've included a video below with the set up. (excuse the messy garage and dog)

If you are having trouble with your front squat or haven't begun to front squat in the first place, give it a try!

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