Low Back Pain Fix

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Creep = elongation of tissue beyond its intrinsic extensibility resulting from a constant load over time.

From Stuart McGill's work we know sitting in prolonged spinal flexion is highly correlated with mechanical creep of structures in the lumbar spine leading to vertebral ligament strain, muscle spasms, posterior disc bulges, and herniations.

No amount of exercise is going to completely prevent that.  More often than not spine stretches will only make matters worse by further destabilizing already overstretched tissues.  

Most studies show twenty minutes appears to be the “golden time frame” when it comes to creep. The good news is that the solution is often simple.

Tip 1: Move around every 20 minutes (even if it is just standing up nice and tall while reaching your hands toward the sky)

Tip 2: While spending time at the desk, place a small towel roll in the lumbar region of your chair to maintain a slight arch in the lower back

Don't be a creeper,


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