Grip Strength, Diet Fix, and Cure for a Flat Butt

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This week's stuff you should read comes from Champion PT, Dr. John Berardi, and Dani Shugart.
How and Why You Should Work on Grip Strength - Champion PT

Grip strength is an important, yet often overlooked, component to maximal performance.  Often times, grip strength is the limiting factor from increasing your lifts.  Champion PT has a great article on how he programs different drills to maximize grip strength for performance.
How to Fix a Broken Diet - Dr. John Barardi

Proper nutrition is often the hangup for individuals trying to meet their health, fitness, and performance goals. The crew at Precision Nutrition always do a great job of translating the latest scientific research in nutrition into practical advice for the average joe. 

The Flat Butt Fix - Dani Shugart

The benefits of having strong gluts are many. Decreased back pain, decreased knee pain, & improved athletic performance to name a few.  A side effect...increasing your overall appearance. Dani wrote a great article this week outlining how to target this often neglected muscle group.

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