Don't Lay Around During Your Layover

by - 7:42 PM

On our way to Jackson Hole, WY, our flight was delayed and we ended up with a seven hour layover in Denver. So what do you do with a seven hour layover? You could eat till you can't move and sit with awful posture in uncomfortable chairs while you play on can break up all the lounging around, get out of your comfort zone, get creative, and workout.

My backpack weighed about thirty pounds and worked perfect for resistance. Check out the full body layover workout below.

Finish with a burnout on Guard Sprints (tapping the security guards on the shoulder then running away) and you have a great workout!

Bag swings
Weighted Push-Ups
Goblet Squats

Overhead Reverse Lunge

Bag Row

Single Leg RDL

Chair Dip

Hope you enjoy and always keep moving!

Move Well, Move Often!

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