Not so social day at the gym

by - 10:57 AM

I walk in and something feels a little off.  Gym clothes...check, shoes...check, water...check.  I make my way through a silent lobby, check-in, and walk back to the locker room.  The gym is pretty crowded, but I manage to find a treadmill open. While warming up, I turn and say hello lady next to me.  She stares blankly straight ahead. The gym is surprisingly quite in comparison to the crowd that is there, but I assume she doesn’t hear me. Then, I notice the white cord attached to her phone.  She seems to be watching some type of show. I finish my warm up and head to the squat rack. Luckily, I was able to grab it as a young man with an aviation style headset was finishing up. I tried to thank him, however, there was no response so I continued on with my workout.  My lifts went well, I managed to hit some new PRs, but in the silence of the middle of a crowded gym it was surprisingly unrewarding. On my last set, I walked over to the bench to as another member for a spot, however, he must have had something really important he needed to tend to on his phone as he never looked up.  I walked to the associates desk, however, as soon as I made eye contact with the associate, he darted into the office. I quickly finished up my workout without a spot. On the way out, thought I heard someone speak to me so I turned to make conversation. I said hello, however, the lady talking quickly pointed to the bluetooth headset she was wearing so I guess she was talking to someone else.  I walked back out the silent lobby to my truck having spent an hour in a crowded gym alone. On the plus-side I was able to finish my workout quicker, but maybe the days of being social at the gym have been exchanged for being social with our phones.

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